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RateVerify, company owned and operated by a former trucker, is here to help fellow truckers /owner operators make sure they receive the full rates of the loads booked by their carrier. As per contract, owner operators agree to pay certain commission to the carriers they're leased under, but quite often (greedy) carriers are cutting and altering the rates. Dispatchers in collaboration with the company owners split the profits of the money stolen from the hard working truckers. Rate confirmations are altered in photoshop, and lower rates are presented to the owner operators. In instances where carrier has its own in house brokerage, loads booked from outside broker are presented as loads from their own, again with lower rates. In future pay attention on the above mentioned, make sure the broker calling you for info/updates is the same brokerfage) that gave you the load intialy, and ask the rate confirmation to be forwarded to you, straight from brokers email they booked the load with. When you've done all your due diligence and still question your carriers honesty, give us the short info required above, let our experienced team at RateVerify do the rest of the job for you. We're EDI integrated with every major customer and 3PL in US and Canada, and will find out in minutes the real rate your carrier booked, or load being double brokered. We can also check on loads booked in the past, as long as you have the required info. Our legal team will be more than glad to recover the money taken from you. Lastly, we want to thank you on your support, and let's put a stop together on the theft that's going on for years, from people that have never spent a day behind the wheel, wanting to get rich on the back of hard working truckers. Enjoy RateVerify free of charge rate check for a limited time, additional terms apply, yours truly

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